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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Pumpkin's Guts!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be familiar with dd - my darling 8yo daughter. Her current favourite thing is drawing comic books and writing stories (that usually feature death and torture of some sort). Anyway, today she sat down and drew this comic. It was so awesome that I simply had to put it up here and pester you all to read it! Note: the images will embiggen if you click on them. :)

dd would love any comments you feel like sharing with her... ;)

Box 1: Gutting the King
Box 2: The king of pumpkins ruled
Box 3: he married
Box 4: Had kids (Polly Pumpkin and Tanzalaura)
Box 5: He loved every day except for Halloween "Trick or Treat!" "Smell my feet!"
Box 6: Ha ha ha
Box 7: 10 Halloweens later "Open the door punk!" "Huh?"
Box 8: "Give us candy!"
Box 9: "No!"
Box 10: "Well then we'll gut it out of you!" "What!"
Box 11: "Time's up!"
Box 12: Scream!
Box 13: Ha ha ha!
Box 14: Now!
Box 15: Remember!
Box 16: To give kids loads of candy! (I'm coming....)


  1. Love it! I am going to name my first born Tanzalaura! This is an excellent comic, very clever idea! The King of Pumpkins is very mean though, I hope no one comes up against him this halloween...best to have a knife at the ready just in case though! :-D

  2. This is absolutely wonderful, dd. You have a great talent.
    Thank you for a truly special blog post, and give your mum
    A huge hug because without her, I would never have found
    Your fabulous imagination.

    CJ xx
    P.s. My daughter, Amy, has her own blog where she writes
    Short stories. Her blog address is in my sidebar xx

  3. OMG what a terrifying story and lesson for all us grown ups. I would write more but I have to fly off to the shops to get lots of sweets for Halloween!!!!

    Well done DD. Brilliant altogether. You must get your talent from your father (dont forget to tell your mom this bit)!!!!! Ha ha ha (evil laughing)

  4. Wow! Aren't you bursting with talent! And only 8 years old!! Amazing. Imagine what you'll be able to do in a few years - you'll have comic publishers knocking on your door. My fave bit - "We'll gut it out of you" Eeeeeeeew!!Well done - I love it. Maria x

  5. Wow dd, that's a brilliant comic. It totally scared me. I must remember not to forget the candy for Hallowe'en so I don't have anyone gutting me! I love the name Tanzalaura too. Keep making comics. Well done.

  6. Aw, thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments! I read them all out to her and she's chuffed to bits. She's especially pleased that you all liked the name Tanzalaura, of which she's especially proud.

    I'm trying to persuade her to do her own blog, but she's having none of it...

  7. How very talented! I really enjoyed this. DD, you have a great imagination, keep up the good work! Your mum may have a point about writing your own blog, you know!! Rebecca xx