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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Children's Halloween Poems

My darling daughter and her friend have been writing some Halloween poems - hope you enjoy them!

How to Make a Pumpkin Sing

How to make a pumpkin sing?
Well I don't really know
Oh, yes, my giddy now go, go go
And fetch me a really big toe
A frog's eye, heart, I really don't care!
Just get me something to give you a scare!

Any person can come, come, come
In their best costumes so I can ruin them!
Hee hee hee, oh be a witch like me!
Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to pumpkins in a sec
I just want to burn my sister Beck!

By DD, age 8

Halloween Night

Halloween night, a lot to scare
Little children with buckets and buckets of candy to share
I am the ghost, the Halloween ghost
Coming to scare you away
To steal your candy and all your treats
Or else I'll eat your stinky feets!
If not I'll eat your thumb
Or maybe your mother's bum!
I'm kidding, I'm a ghost, a friendly ghost,
Oh well, oh well, can a ghost not have a little joke?
I guess not, no joke for a little ghost.
Oh well, oh well, see you next Halloween night.

By DD's friend, age 10

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